Brian Urlacher's Claim of Fake Injuries Could Spark War Between NFL, Players

Man, Brian Urlacher is bitter toward the Chicago Bears for giving him the boot this offseason!. His latest shot at his former team came during a segment of Fox Football Daily, for which the future Hall of Fame linebacker is now an analyst. While former NFL VP of officiating Mike Pereira mentioned the growing problem of teams faking injuries to slow down high-tempo offenses, Urlacher spilled the beans about Chicago’s questionable game plan.

The former All-Pro told the Fox crew the Bears not only faked injuries but had a designated “dive guy” who would fall down on cue from a coach’s signal from the sidelines. That’s really funny considering Urlacher’s ugly split with the Bears, but he just opened up a can of worms that he doesn’t realize.

The NFL put out a statement in 2011 that it was employing a zero-tolerance policy against faking injuries, but with the recent lawsuit settlement over concussions, does the league really have the guts to accuse a player of faking an injury? At this point, that would result in an all-out war between the players and owners that might never end. Watch for Urlacher smirking mischievously the next time he’s on the air.