Jason Kidd Buying Jay-Z's Stake in Brooklyn Nets is Laughable and a Bad Idea

Jason Kidd has been a busy man lately. First he retired from the NBA as a player and then turned around and landed a head coaching job immediately with the Brooklyn Nets. Now he’s reportedly buying part of the team! But when we say “part”, we’re using the term very loosely.

Jay-Z was called the owner of the Nets by the ignorant media for a long time, but he actually owned only a little over one percent of the team. But when you’re a rap legend and married to Beyonce, it’s easy to see how folks got confused.

But the share that Kidd is reportedly buying is only half of Jay-Z’s stake, which means it’s less than one percent and cost the former player half a million dollars. So don’t go throwing around the term “coach-owner” like it means something.

Having said that, unless Kidd is planning to transfer to the front office for good relatively soon, he doesn’t need to be trying to become the next Michael Jordan because if you haven’t noticed, the Charlotte Bobcats aren’t exactly contenders with MJ calling the shots. Unless the Nets want to suffer the same fate, they’d be wise to limit Kidd’s “ownership” as a coach or remove him from the sidelines altogether.