Riley Cooper Fights Teammate, Causes Split in Philadelphia Eagles' Lockeroom

It has been over one month since Riley Cooper all but ruined his NFL career with one word.

Cooper’s use of the infamous “N word” has resulted in NFL fans across the country rooting for Riley to get taken off of the field in a stretcher. While that may sound a bit intense, I can assure you that even some of Cooper’s teammates have grown tired of the man’s obvious racism.

If you had Cary Williams as the first guy to give Cooper a good old fashion slap in the face, then you my friend have won the office pool.

Even better, the hard-nosed and African American cornerback actually used a racial slur toward the Philadelphia Eagles‘ wide receiver after the spat. Williams reportedly informed Cooper that Williams is indeed someone who you don’t want to mess with, but did so with the same word that landed Cooper in Philadelphia’s doghouse.

Double standard? You be the judge.

While there are fans who believe this fight was solely about Cooper’s racist past, some feel that this was simply a training-camp fight that is being blown out of proportion due to the wide receiver that is involved. Unfortunately for the Eagles, this story isn’t going away anytime soon, and captains like Michael Vick now have to focus on winning games and must also worry about keeping the defensive backs away from Cooper’s grill.

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