Aaron Hernandez Pleads Not Guilty To Murder Charges, Could Be Back in NFL Before Long

Lets all remember that Aaron Hernandez is innocent until proven guilty in the United States of America.

Thankfully, this country allows for due process and everyone has the right to a fair trial. Therefore, this ex-New England Patriots star shouldn’t be classified as a murder until the judge finally slams his mallet and sends Hernandez to prison.

While the initial evidence against Hernandez may have been overwhelming to the public, those close to the case are starting to question whether or not the former NFL All-Pro is going to spend anytime in prison. For instance, ESPN‘s Roger Cossack has monitored this ordeal since the beginning and even he is second guessing the evidence on the table:

To counter Cossack’s point; what about the clear-cut images of Hernandez in his home on the night of Odin Lloyd‘s death holding a handgun in his hand? If that isn’t great evidence then I don’t know what is. Even still, the trial is sure to be full of public opinion as Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is one of many NFL players who will likely be tuning in to see if Hernandez is indeed going to be a jail bird for life.

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