Tim Tebow Must Stop Turning Down Job Offers, Consider USA Rugby

One of these days, Tim Tebow is going to accept the fact he’s never going to be an NFL quarterback. When that happens, he’s likely to stumble upon something that could change his athletic life.

After being let go by the New England Patriots and clearing waivers, Tebow is again unemployed, but USA Rugby has already offered the former Heisman Trophy winner a gig. If you think about it, Tebow is a perfect fit for a rugby team — he’s big, quick and could possibly make short, quirky throws every now and then — and he would certainly boost the popularity of the rugby team in stars and stripes.

For all those who love Tebow, tweet at him and encourage him to go this route. He’s already said no thanks to USA Rugby, but you better believe the team would welcome him with open arms if he changed his mind. Think about it, Tim. Everyone has a gift; maybe your athletic one could be discovered on the rugby field.


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