Tom Brady, Barry Switzer Hit Nail on Head With Comments on Johnny Manziel

Are you tired of hearing about Johnny Manziel yet? He’s only played one half of one game this year, but he’s already garnered a career’s worth of attention. That’s apparently starting to grind on the nerves of Tom Brady and Barry Switzer as each notable football name spoke out against Johnny Football‘s polarizing tactics.

Switzer brought up the old-school mentality of respect and said watching Texas A&M‘s waterbug quarterback act like an idiot made him want to grab Manziel by the face mask and tell him to straighten up. The legendary Oklahoma Sooners coach mentioned the fact that coaches can’t do that anymore and players don’t respect them because of it.

Switzer’s point was the the most accurate regarding Manziel, but Brady’s was definitely funnier. When asked about flaunting the way Manziel did against Rice in Week 1, Brady mentioned the fact he respects every player in the NFL and all football players should do the same at any level. His bottom line was the kicker, quote: “If you’re a turd, it’s going to come back to to.”

So Johnny,watch out if you’re ever near Switzer at an event, but you might seriously take Brady’s advice — he’s been around the block more than once.