Don't Jump on the Geno Smith Bandwagon After Win in Jets Debut

We made all those jokes about the New York Jets all offseason and not only did they win their first game, they did it with Geno Smith at quarterback! Ok, so the Tampa Bay Buccaneers really gifted the win to New York on a bone-headed penalty at the end of the game, but the Jets won! So it’s time to jump on the Geno bandwagon, right? As Lee Corso says, “Not so fast, my friend!”

Sure, a lot of folks were calling the Bucs’ defense underrated, but that’s only because they were playing the Jets! Geno played a little better than expected, but wait until New York plays a team with a defense that’s actually good — let’s put it this way: he’ll have at least three games with three interceptions this year, and that’s if he’s not replaced under center by Mark Sanchez this season.

Jets fans, enjoy the win, but don’t start talking about Geno like he was the biggest steal of the NFL Draft this year. That will only set you up for more disappointment than you’re already in for, and at this point, that could become dangerous.


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