LeBron James Not Wanting to Talk 2014 Free Agency is a Bad Sign for Miami Heat

Remember in the 2009 NBA season when the media hounded LeBron James about his pending free agency with no regard for what he and the Cleveland Cavaliers were doing on the court at the time? And remember how the self-proclaimed King wouldn’t answer any of those questions, say he had “no idea” what was going to happen? Well, we experienced deja vu on Tuesday and you can bet your bottom dollar that’s a sign…and not a good one for the Miami Heat.

LeBron isn’t even guaranteed to be a free agent in 2014; he has player options that could keep him in Miami through the 2015 season or he could opt out any time before then following the upcoming season. Don’t you think if he really wanted to stay with the Heat like he said, that he would have made that clear during the big media party on Tuesday?

Folks, LeBron is going to listen to offers from the New York Knicks and Los Angeles Lakers next July because those are bigger media markets than Miami and he’s more concerned with producing sit-coms now than winning championships. It’s a little easier to do that in places like New York and L.A., so if you think he’s just going to sit tight through his player options in 2014 and 2015, you’ve got another thing coming.


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