Lindsey Vonn Caught Cheating; Did Tiger Woods Have it Coming?

Pretty much everyone knew the relationship between Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn wouldn’t last. We hard all the “once a cheater, always a cheater” stuff about Tiger and and then also hard Lindsey say she’s never getting married again. But did anyone expect Lindsey to give Tiger a taste of his own medicine?!

Say it ain’t so! Vonn sure enough was reportedly caught red-handed in a tongue war with an older member of Justin Timberlake‘s SexyBack tour. The same report also says she was plastered, so no shocker there, but now it’s obvious this celebrity-double-athlete couple is toast, right? Well, maybe not.

When Woods and Vonn announced their relationship, Vonn said she knew she was dating a sex addict, which led many to believe neither of them were expected to remain what married folks call “faithful.” I guess this time the New York Post can’t make any jokes about Tiger and his golf balls. Maybe next time.


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