Michael Beasley Re-Joining Miami Heat Shows How Worthless Life is for NBA Players

All’s well that ends well…or so they say. After failing as a No. 2 overall draft pick and bouncing around the league, Michael Beasley is back with the Miami Heat, where he will undoubtedly ride the pine and collect the hardware with the likes of Rashard Lewis. Oh, how glorious life is for NBA players.

But then again, Beasley isn’t guaranteed to stay with Miami in the regular season. Oh no, the marijuana-loving draft bust has to earn his spot on the Heat’s roster and one would sure hope so after he got waived by the woeful Phoenix Suns. His deal isn’t guaranteed, but if he survives training camp and makes the regular season roster, he’ll make a tad over $1 million in 2013.

Man, wouldn’t you like to make a million this winter while developing back problems on the bench and high-fiving the Heat’s Big Three during timeouts? It’s a good thing Beasley is having to earn his way back onto the court. It sure would be a shame if he was handed a 14th chance on a silver platter.


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