Tom Brady's Fantasy Football Stock Takes Brutal Hit

The world of fantasy football is a very strange place. While an established quarterback like Tom Brady might seem like a fantasy football steal, his 2013 campaign has showed us all what happens when you waste a top-notch draft pick on a quarterback. Sure, your girlfriend might like the fact that Brady’s on your team, yet she’s not the one who you should be worried about in this situation, so don’t be narrow-minded when it comes to something like this.

After a so-so Week 1 performance against the Buffalo Bills, the  New England Patriots‘ quarterback was just as mediocre in his second start. Finishing with a mere 11 points in standard leagues; Brady will likely be outscored by the likes of Josh Freeman and Alex Smith, which is never good.

However, this is the risk you run when selecting a supposed high-profile quarterback in the earlier rounds. Unless it’s Peyton Manning, drafting a signal-caller earlier than the 5th round just doesn’t make any sense when you get right down to it. For example, wouldn’t you rather use a seventh-round pick on Colin Kaepernick or Matt Ryan than take Brady — throwing to an awful wide receiver core — in the fourth round?

I would.

In fact, I’d be willing to bet that almost every fantasy football owner with Brady on his/her squad is looking at that waiver wire and scrolling to the quarterback section as we speak.

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