Danny Amendola Being Out Puts Tom Brady, New England Patriots in Panic Mode

The New England Patriots may be 2-0, but the panic button has been pressed in New England because the injuries just continue to mount for the Brady Bunch. In addition to Rob Gronkowski and Shane Vereen being out for the foreseeable future, Danny Amendola‘s injury has been discovered to be more serious than originally thought.

Amendola missed New England’s ugly win over the New York Jets on Thursday night and boy, did Tom Brady miss him. However, the Patriots’ fragile replacement for Wes Welker now has torn adductor muscles in his hip, which will put him out for roughly a month. In addition, Amendola has received conflicting reports from doctors that he has a sports hernia, which means the possibility of surgery is still up in the air.

So with Amendola and Gronk both out, Julian Edelman should continue to receive a million targets from Brady while the Pats’ other young receivers continue to stumble their way into more playing time by process of elimination. Let’s put it this way: Don’t expect New England to be contending for the Super Bowl again this year.


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