Fantasy Owners Should Still be Cautious After Dez Bryant's Week 2 Performance

When it comes to Dez Bryant, the word headache often comes to mind, but with that throbbing sensation also comes moments of relief, which quickly turn to elation. And then just like that, the pain returns. The same was true for fantasy football owners who drafted Bryant this year, especially after his dud of a Week 1 performance. Needless to say, Week 2 was a make-or-break test for Dez in fantasy land.

After catching only four passes for 22 measly yards in Week 1, Bryant caught nine passes for 141 yards and a touchdown in Week 2, which is way closer to what fantasy owners are used to. That big game by Bryant against the Kansas City Chiefs was especially relieving to fantasy owners because Bryant strained his foot against the New York Giants and injuries go with Dez like peanut butter goes with jelly.

Here’s what fantasy owners need to know going forward, though: the Dallas Cowboys‘ play-calling is still terrible under Bill Callahan and it was evident when the team missed Bryant wide open against single coverage about half a dozen times against the Chiefs. You should definitely start Dez each week, but temper the Calvin Johnson-like expectations for the time being.


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