NCAA Makes Moronic "Statement" About Not Paying Athletes

The NCAA is such a joke that we can’t even describe the incompetence and stupidity of the organization with words. The age-old argument of whether college athletes should be paid will never end and nothing will likely ever change — they’ll still be “amateurs” and get away with taking money for things like their autographs, although that’s against the rules. So why did the NCAA feel it had to make a statement about this now?

Mark Emmert, the president of college athletics’ sorry excuse for a governing body, says that college athletes not getting paid for anything is the “fundament tone of collegiate athletics”. Yeah, right. Tell that to Dez Bryant, Terrelle Pryor, Johnny Manziel and the hundreds of other athletes who take “improper gifts” all the time and get away with it for nothing but a slap on the wrist.

Look, we can argue all day about whether or not college athletes should get paid a salary to play ball, but if that happens, why not just let them go pro out of high school? On the flip side, there’s absolutely no reason why these kids shouldn’t make a buck off their names like the NCAA has done for decades. Yeah, that “fundamental tone” should be one that doesn’t include such a ridiculous level of NCAA hypocrisy.


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