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Top 5 NFL MVP Candidates After Week 2

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It's still really early, but through two weeks of play, we do have a few players who are in the hunt for the NFL MVP award at the end of the year. Although the favorites are likely to change drastically by season's end, there are a handful of stars who have shined bright enough to garner this kind of attention already.

Naturally, the list is dominated by mostly quarterbacks, but there are tow names you'll definitely be surprised to see, and pleasant at that, depending on your view of players' off-the-field actions. Is that too much of a clue already for the No. 4 player on the list?

The best part is this list changed drastically from Week 1, so that's always fun for those of us who consistently root for the underdog when we don't have a dog in the fight. And there we go again giving away clues as to one of the surprise names on the list for this week.

So before we spill the beans altogether, here are the top five NFL MVP candidates after Week 2.

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Philip Rivers has absolutely come alive in 2013 after all the talk about this being a make-or-break season for him. The Chargers are 1-1, but they wouldn't have even been close to winning either of their first two games if it wasn't for Rivers.

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Michael Vick is playing extremely well for the Eagles in Chip Kelly's super fast offense and his numbers prove it. The Eagles are 1-1, but things are looking bright with No. 7's resurgence under center.

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Adrian Peterson isn't on pace to rush for 2,000 yards again, but he is single-handedly carrying the woeful Vikings offense right now. This team would be in the running for the No. 1 overall draft pick next year if it weren't for AP.

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Aaron Rodgers couldn't overcome Colin Kaepernick's magic in Week 1, but he tied a Packers passing record in Week 2 to add to his ridiculous totals and looks like an MVP candidate once again.

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Peyton Manning is by far and away the MVP favorite at this point. He's the only player in league who has played exceptionally well and mistake-free through two games while leading his team to blowout victories. Look for No. 18 to win his fifth MVP award later this year.