Darrelle Revis Upset With Greg Schiano; Are Bucs the New Jets?

Don’t look now, but the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are becoming the new edition of the New York Jets. That process is being made easier by a former member of the New York circus as Darrelle Revis is reportedly the latest Tampa Bay player to have a problem with Bucs head coach Greg Schiano.

It turns out, Revis doesn’t like the tight ship that Schiano runs in Tampa Bay (no pun intended). Wow, I never would have thought that of a guy who had more contract disputes in one calendar year than the entire rest of the NFL combined! And Revis also apparently doesn’t like Schiano’s defensive scheme, but he tweeted that things are cool, so we should all just ignore this, right? Guess again.

The Bucs are in so much turmoil right now, they’re rivaling the Jets as the NFL’s most dysfunctional organization. Josh Freeman wants a trade because he doesn’t know how to set an alarm on his phone and the team can’t wear their hideous creamsicle uniforms anymore because of a new league rule against switching helmets during the season. Think that’s a coincidence? Not a chance.

So Freeman is the new Mark Sanchez, Schiano is the new Rex Ryan and Revis is still…well, Revis. When two of those three are no longer in Tampa Bay by Christmas, you’ll see what we’re talking about. Things are about to get ugly aboard the Bucs’ ship.


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