NFL Shows Soft Side on 2 Fronts With Dashon Goldson's Overturned Suspension

The topic of NFL players literally butting heads on the field is spiraling out of control. Dashon Goldson was originally suspended for a game after his hit on Darren Sproles, but the suspension was appealed and overturned, so now Goldson will be penalized with a $100,000 fine instead. The NFL is getting way too soft here, and there are two meanings to that statement.

The league appointed Matt Birk as the man to look over these types of appeal and the former All-Pro center apparently thinks the initial punishment was too harsh. On the flip side, Drew Brees was quick to point out the fact Goldson has a history for “going after guys’ heads”. That’s typical coming from a crybaby QB like Brees, but if the league wants to send a message about these types of hits, then guys like Birk don’t need to be overturning suspensions.

And on the other side of the coin, these penalties for hits to the head are getting ridiculous. If a guy puts a kill shot on another guy’s head and it’s malicious, then yes, flag him, fine him, suspend him, do whatever you want. But if the corner of his face mask grazes the side of a player’s helmet on a clean hit, keep your flag in your pocket and your mouth shut. The players who are complaining about the NFL becoming a two-hand touch league aren’t off-base at this point.


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