Trent Richardson Increases Colts' Title Chances, Andrew Luck's Value in Unique Way

Jim Irsay freaked out on Twitter Wednesday afternoon with tons of exclamation points and words in all caps teasing Indianapolis Colts fans about a “monster trade” that was about to happen. The initial speculation was Indy was about to acquire Maurice Jones-Drew or that Jim Irsay was just being Jim Irsay. But when news broke the Colts acquired Trent Richardson from the Cleveland Browns, stuff got real.

The Browns insist they’re not taking the 2013 season, but rather they couldn’t pass up a first-round pick for Richardson. Cleveland is looking for yet another quarterback early in next year’s draft and stockpiling picks to ensure it gets one.

On the flip side, the Colts are now a much stronger Super Bowl contender with a talented runner like Richardson to give them a more balanced offensive attack. Andrew Luck is already a stud who can carry the team most of the time, but he should be even better with a complement like Richardson to take away some of the defensive pressure.

Of course, Richardson doesn’t make the Colts’ offensive line better, but he is certainly better than Ahmad Bradshaw, Donald Brown and Vick Ballard even if he was healthy. So now we get to see the new-look Colts offense in action against the 49ers’ stifling defense in Week 3. Watch out because the Colts are coming.


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