College Football Players Speak Out Against NCAA With "APU" Wristbands, Towels

With Arian Foster stirring up even more NCAA controversy this week, it was just a matter of time before the current college football players made a statement of their own. As fate would have it; the National College Players Association decided that it would band together on Saturday with just three simple letters. The acronym is “APU” and if you have a keen eye you may have seen a handful of college players sporting wristbands and/or towels with those three letters marked on them.

APU stands for “All Players United” and is a direct jab at the NCAA and it’s rather crooked stance on matters ranging from concussions to compensation.

The argument on whether or not student-athletes should get paid remains a heated debate, but the players have made a rather large statement by dawning these marked accessories. In fact, this is one of the few times that the NACP has responded to the NCAA’s gluttony and did something that deserves a national spotlight.

Speaking of which, each player that wore something with an “APU” inscribed accessory was playing in a televised game. However, the players won’t see a dime of the money that the TV companies generate from showing these college football games. Do you see the double standard?

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