Terrelle Pryor Shouldn't Play for Oakland Raiders With Concussion in Week 4

Concussions are a growing problem in the NFL, but sometimes the scary head injuries provide some comic relief for those us who aren’t getting our heads bashed in. That was the case with Terrelle Pryor after he got decked by Denver Broncos linebacker Wesley Woodyard on Monday night.

Pryor tweeted on Tuesday, apologizing to Oakland Raiders fans for the loss and saying he didn’t remember much from the game. However, he then tweeted that he “feels great” and is “ready to go.” I know the players want to play, but the kid can’t even remember what happened the night before, so Oakland would be crazy to let its new star suit up in Week 4.

Look, Pryor is never going to take the Raiders to the playoffs, win an MVP award or anything crazy like that, but he is providing some excitement in Oakland, which is something that hasn’t happened in a decade. So the Raiders would be stupid to play him on Sunday against the Washington Redskins and risk further injury. Matt Flynn may be rolling in the dough, but he’s not going to excite the fans like Pryor has thus far as the starter. Do the right thing, Oakland — sit Pryor this week so you can try to “just win, baby” another day.


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