Conspiracy Theory: Dallas Cowboys Wanted Anthony Spencer Out for the Season

There’s a reason why the Dallas Cowboys haven’t been good since they ran Jimmy Johnson out of town following back-to-back Super Bowl wins in the early ’90s — they’re one of the most dysfunctional franchises in all of sports! So it was no surprise when team owner Jerry Jones contradicted his head coach, Jason Garrett, and Anthony Spencer about the latter’s pending knee surgery. But there’s a twist in all this that’s too much for even the woeful Cowboys.

Jones is a moron when it comes to the salary cap because he always backloads a ton of contracts and then has to cut a bunch of veterans after it gets piled up too high for him to work. That scenario will happen again in 2014 and Spencer is getting more expensive by the year because he always receives the franchise tag. So when Jones said Spencer will have season-ending knee surgery, that was news to both Spencer and Garrett, who denied that report.

It turns out the man who writes the checks gets what he wants because Spencer is indeed having the surgery, but he reportedly thinks he doesn’t need it, which leads one to believe Jones wants him gone so he will have more salary cap space with which to work next year. The Cowboys’ defense has been pretty good this year without Spencer, so the ignorant Jones is taking this opportunity to get rid of Dallas’ defensive MVP from 2012. Think that’s crazy? That sounds exactly like something Jones would do to try and cover up his stupidity. You’ll see when Spencer is gone a few months from no…and Dallas is 8-8…again.


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