Dwyane Wade, Kevin Durant Need to Cool It

Man, professional athletes sure have a way of acting like children sometimes. Kevin Durant recently gave a shootout to his former teammate, James Harden, by saying he should be ranked among the top 10 players in the NBA, ahead of Dwyane Wade. Well, the Flash didn’t take kindly to that, so he decided to take to social media to respond…like a 12-year-old girl.

Wade posted a picture of a handwritten note saying he was going to make Durant “respect his place in history, again.” What’s funny is Wade’s spot in history will always have an asterisk by it because his last two rings have come courtesy of LeBron James. With all due respect to Wade’s title with Shaq back in ’06, Wade would only have the one ring without his fantasy team down there in South Beach.

Now on the same token, Durant doesn’t have a ring at all and did indeed lose to the Heat in the Finals, so he has no room to talk, which he sort of did via Twitter, saying “show me, don’t tweet me.” Now KD, you’re awesome, but you can’t say stuff like that until you’ve actually done something. Regardless, both of you spoiled brats need to grow up and play the game instead of talking about some bogus player rankings. What’s wrong with y’all, man?


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