NCAA Reducing Penn State's Sanctions Shows Weakness, Sign of the End

We are seriously running out of jokes and metaphors to describe the crookedness of the NCAA. College athletics’ sorry excuse for a governing body was at it again on Tuesday when it announced it will reduce the death penalty-like sanctions placed on Penn State last year.

What is this, a county jail? You don’t get time off for good behavior in college sports! Ok, so the NCAA said it was too hard on Penn State the first time around, so now you just give them their scholarships back and say “my bad”? Yeah, that’s a great example to the rest of the college football world, which has backhanded the wicked and cowardly organization all over the map for the past 14 months.

And now the rumors have already started: the NCAA is trying desperately not to fall apart completely. It’s a membership organization and when the members are unhappy, bad things happen for the big whigs of this pathetic entity that will soon crumble because of its own stupidity, regardless of what Penn State or any other sanctioned school does or doesn’t do. Get ready for a college football free-for-all because it’s coming, just like unemployment for the NCAA officials.


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