Tampa Bay Buccaneers Take Easy Route, Announce Mike Glennon as New Starting QB

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are quickly becoming the next New York Jets because of their incredible dysfunctionality and lack of chemistry. But now things have finally come to a head as the team announced that Mike Glennon will replace Josh Freeman as the Bucs’ starting quarterback in Week 4. That’s funny considering recent comments made by Tampa Bay head coach Greg Schiano.

The Bucs’ skipper said Sunday he never thought about replacing Freeman in the starting lineup, but it’s funny how an 0-3 start, a feud with the starting signal-caller and a quick call from the GM can change that. Schiano knows he’s coaching for his job and getting a crybaby like Freeman out of the lineup for the team’s future quarterback might be the only chance to save his job.

As for Freeman, stay tuned because we’ll soon be looking at his potential landing spots because Lord knows he won’t be in Tampa Bay through the offseason, and that’s assuming he makes it past the trade deadline this year. Things are about to get interesting in Tampa Bay and the only person smiling now is Glennon.


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