Josh Freeman is Not a Viable Starting NFL QB

Josh Freeman may want to consider changing his name to Josh ‘Free Agent’ because his time touring with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers‘ three ring circus is over! Bucs ringmaster Greg Schiano confirmed Wednesday that the team would be making the switch to rookie toe head signal caller Mike Glennon for this week’s game against the Arizona Cardinals. If you look at the facts, this change was well overdue, as Freeman’s play this season has resembled more of a sideshow, than that of a main attraction. Since Schiano took the helm, Freeman’s record as the Bucs’ showpiece has been an unimpressive 7-12 — and lackluster win total aside — Freeman has been securing a spot for himself in clown alley all season as he was not nominated  a team captain and he overslept for the yearly team photo.

While some might say that Freeman’s demotion comes as a result of Schiano running the show, I think it’s clear that Josh Freeman just isn’t made to be a main attraction in the NFL. If you look at Freeman’s career statistics, his yearly production is about as stable as juggler walking the tightrope, or in other words, there are a lot of balls hitting the ground. In now his fifth season, Freeman has only one year in which his QBR was above 53, and this season he has completed less than 50% of his passes, which mean’s he’s challenging Tim Tebow for the crown of the world’s worst professional thrower. And when people start comparing your throwing ability to that of Tebow, it’s safe to say that your time in the NFL spotlight is over.


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