Peyton Manning Will Get the Best of Chip Kelly, Philadelphia Eagles

After yet another Player of the Week performance on Monday night, Peyton Manning was already thinking about Week 4 after thrashing the Oakland Raiders and setting more NFL passing records. Manning took a jab at the NFL for scheduling a game between the Denver Broncos and Philadelphia Eagles when the former team is coming off six days in between games while the latter is coming off 12. Philly coach Chip Kelly was quick to make a statement of his own, but that might come back to bite him.

When asked about Manning’s comments, Kelly halfway-jokingly told the Philadelphia media his team would play in a parking lot…whatever that means. Manning was talking about when the game would be played, not where, yet Kelly’s overconfidence in his college-style offense caused him to poke a giant that has thrashed everything in its path through three weeks of play.

What Kelly seems to forget in addition to the fact his offense is a tad overrated, is that his defense is awful with a capital “a.” The Eagles have the third-worst defense in the NFL and have given up an average of 323 passing yards per game through three weeks. That, coupled with the facts Manning is on pace for 6,000 yards and 64 touchdowns this year and the Eagles are 1-2, is probably a good enough reason for Kelly to keep his mouth shut. But they say let your play do the talking, so get ready to hear Manning loud and clear on Sunday afternoon.


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