Robinson Cano is a Moron for Saying He Wants 10-Year, $305 Million Contract

Man I tell ya, the New York Yankees sure have a way of making everyone hate them, even when their star players are trying to split town. Robinson Cano is a pending free agent and he’s reportedly seeking a 10-year contract worth $305 million. Yeah, he’s a moron.

First of all, no player is worth a 10-year contract or $300 million, much less both. The Los Angeles Angels gave Albert Pujols something pretty close to that and look how that turned out. Secondly, Cano and his agency, which is owned by Jay-Z, think they’re being sly by putting that number out there with the intent of “settling” for a $250 million contract like Pujols got. The problem is everyone knows that because we can all see right through this little charade.

Here’s a simple way to put it: Cano is so stupid that he thinks we’re all stupid enough to believe he’s really after a $300 million contract. Either that or Jay-Z is just trying to take another jab at Scott Boras. Regardless, there’s no steam dumb enough to give Cano this kind of money because frankly, he’s not worth. Knock on wood, Los Angeles Dodgers fans.


Robinson Cano is Ridiculous For Reportedly Seeking a 10-Year, $305 Million Contract

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