Rant Off Ultimate Debate: Johnny Manziel vs. Tim Tebow

The word “polarizing” doesn’t even begin to describe Johnny Manziel and Tim Tebow, although for each player, it’s for entirely different reasons. Manziel is the ultimate punk, party animal and selfish star while Tebow seems to be a modern-day saint with his humble attitude and off-the-charts work ethic. However, both players are loved and hated by millions, so which one is “better”? Well, that’s a complicated question with a lot of moving parts, so we broke it into three parts and debated it.

The first thing we analyzed was their performances as college football quarterbacks. Now Manziel hasn’t finished his career, but it’s pretty clear what his role is within Texas A&M‘s offense and everyone has a pretty good grasp on his style as a signal-caller. Tebow put together one of the greatest careers in the history of college football during his days at Florida, so his side is easy to argue here.

The second aspect was their potential as NFL quarterbacks. Again, it’s hard to judge on Manziel’s side because he hasn’t made it to the pros yet, but everyone has a pretty good idea of what he’ll do at the next level. On Tebow’s side, it’s a little bit easier, but the fact he’s no longer in the league is a monkey wrench in his supporters’ game plan.

Finally, the two were compared as regular guys, although neither of them are considered normal by any stretch of the imagination. So who’s the “better” quarterback? Our host and judge, Hank Hudson, reveals just that in the video above.


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