Lane Kiffin Ironically Fired the Same Day Reggie Bush Goes Off

Better late than never, they say. That was definitely the case when USC finally gave Lane Kiffin the boot late Saturday night and made the official announcement early Sunday morning. Trojans athletic director Pat Haden actually made the decision while traveling back to Los Angeles after USC got demolished by Arizona State and let Kiffin know it before they even arrived.

You know it’s bad when a team like USC starts the season 0-2 with both losses coming against Pac-12 opponents not named Oregon or Stanford. But when you think about it, Kiffin never should have gotten this job to begin with.

Kiffin was hired after one mediocre season at Tennessee when Pete Carroll split town, which was the same time that the Trojans were hit with all those sanctions from the days of Reggie Bush, who ironically had a fantastic game in the NFL on the same day Kiffin was canned.

So now USC will flounder through the rest of this miserable season while trying to decide who will replace interim coach Ed Orgeron as the new skipper in L.A. But no matter how bad things get between now and 2014, the Trojans will be better off without a pathetic excuse for a coach like Kiffin.


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