Naya Rivera's Freakout Celebration the Silver Lining for Raiders in Loss

The first quarter of the Oakland Raiders‘ loss to the Washington Redskins on Sunday was awesome for the folks of Oakland, although things turned for the worse quickly thereafter. Rookie tight end Mychal Rivera caught a touchdown pass 12 minutes into the game to put the Raiders up by 14 and his sisters, Glee actress Naya Rivera freaked out in her luxury box, which was naturally caught on camera.

Naya’s scantily-clad, profanity-laced celebration was more talked about than anything else that happened in the game and made her fit right in with the Oakland fans. Unfortunately, the Raiders didn’t score again after that and gave the previously-winless Redskins their first victory of the season, but that didn’t stop Twitter from melting from the plethora of tweets about Naya’s celebration.

So we’ll give props to Mychal since it was his first NFL touchdown and he was overshadowed by his celebrity sister, but this is your only pass, bro. Welcome to life in the pros…and “Hollywood.” Oh, and our very own Dan Parzych would like Naya’s number if you get a chance.


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