Matt Schaub's Days Numbered: QB Options for Houston Texans

After the late-game collapse by the Houston Texans in a heart-breaking loss to the Seattle Seahawks in Week 4, Houston fans burned a Matt Schaub jersey outside Reliant Stadium. The man has been good, but not good enough for this team that is always thought to be a Super Bowl contender each season until the playoffs roll around. The problem is Schaub received a big, fat contract extension last year, so the Texans are kind of stuck with him.

Of course, teams get desperate, especially when fans start burning jerseys outside their stadium and they keep getting bounced earlier than expected. The New York Jets still owe Mark Sanchez a fortune, but they’re biting the bullet to get rid of him. If Houston gets desperate enough, there are a few drastic options.

This time last year, the Texans could have traded for the likes of Kirk Cousins or Ryan Mallett, but the Washington Redskins and New England Patriots are highly unlikely to trade those prized backups now. The Philadelphia Eagles might be willing to part with Nick Foles now that Michael Vick is playing well and Matt Barkley is the new quarterback-in-waiting, but the best option for the Texans might be on their bench.

T.J. Yates has played very well when needed to fill in for Schaub in the past and if Houston’s current starter pulls another late-game stunt like he did against Seattle, Yates could easily be on the field by Week 6…or sooner.


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