Dusty Baker's Firing Will Benefit Cincinnati Reds in Long-Term

There are a lot of differing opinions of the Cincinnati Reds‘ decision to fire manager Dusty Baker following the team’s Wild Card loss to the Pittsburgh Pirates. The loyal homers are upset because they believe he wasn’t given long enough to win while the progressivist fans know this was the right move by Cincinnati.

The Reds made the playoffs in three of the past four seasons, but they were bounced immediately each time. Cincy general manager Walt Jocketty said it perfectly: Baker gets all the credit for getting the Reds this far, but it’s going to take a new leader for the team to keep improving.

Throughout history, there have been tons of coaches who built up programs and teams, but never could get over the hump. Sometimes all it takes is a fresh face in the boss’ seat to spur a talented team to reach its full potential. Look at Jon Gruden when he took over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after Tony Dungy was fired.

Don’t be upset, Reds fans. This move is one that is necessary for this extremely talented team to take things to the next level. Remember Dusty for all the good things he did for Cincinnati, but this time next year you’ll be glad this move was made.


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