Tony Romo, Peyton Manning Exchange Blows In NFL's Best Game In Decades

The Dallas Cowboys lost and the Denver Broncos won.

Although the box score from Week 5’s clash may seem simple, this contest was anything but. In fact, the Broncos and Cowboys’ game might go down as one of the best NFL games of the decade! With Peyton Manning and Tony Romo both slinging touchdowns as if they were frisbee’s, it’s no wonder why the NFL is universally known as America’s New Pastime.

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Of course, there wasn’t a storybook ending for Dallas in this one as its quarterback is once again under fire. A subject of constant media abuse Romo had the game of his life on Sunday with five touchdowns, over 500 passing yards and one costly interception. Moreover, not too many Cowboys fans are giving Romo a round of applause as his fourth-quarter interception with just two minutes left was the absolute back-breaker for Dallas.

At the end of the day; the shoot-out between the Broncos and Cowboys taught us one major thing. The Broncos can be beat, but it’s going to take more than 50 points.

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