2013 NFL Season is Deciding Factor in Peyton Manning vs. Eli Manning Debate

Parents always say they don’t pick favorites, but if you’re Archie Manning, Peyton Manning is currently looking like the pick of the litter while Eli Manning is giving off more of a redheaded stepchild vibe.  Seriously though, Peyton’s Denver Broncos are the NFL’s hottest team this season, while Eli’s 0-5 New York Giants are looking like the CFL’s worst team. In a year that has already experienced a season’s worth of highs and lows, these two brothers are encapsulating both the best and worst this NFL season has to offer.

Peyton is on pace to shatter numerous NFL records, while the younger Eli is on pace to shatter numerous vertebrae. At his current rate, Peyton will throw for an unreal 6,000 yards and 64 touchdowns for the season. Little brother Eli, on the other hand, finds himself in position to throw the most interceptions in a season since 1962, a feat that would give him the lowest quarterback rating of all the Manning brothers.

The fact of the matter is that the NFL is a fickle game that just so happens to feature two brothers in the most scrutinized position in all of sports. While we may only be in the first third of the NFL calendar, perhaps it would be wise for younger brother Eli to reach out to his older brother, Cooper, in hopes that he’d toss some sagely wisdom his way. I’d tell him to ask Peyton, but the only thing he’d toss Eli’s way is a touchdown.