Dallas Cowboys Calling Loss to Denver Broncos a "Moral Victory" is Hilarious

Well it looks like Jerry Jones may have missed his weekend feast of stem cells, because his comments following this Sunday afternoon’s choke-job against the Denver Broncos seemed downright dispirited. After dropping their game in heartbreaking fashion to Peyton Manning’s Broncos over the weekend, the Dallas Cowboys‘ commander-in-chief stated that the losing effort was a “moral victory,” despite the fact that the team’s morale should be at a season low.

Even with Tony Romo’s gaudy passing numbers and three 100yd receivers on the day, “America’s Team” still fell to 2-3 and it is becoming clear that Jerry is going to need to amp up his Prozac prescription, because while this may be a different year, it’s the same old story for the Cowboys.

With the talent to put up big numbers but the ineptitude to blow close games, this season’s Dallas squad looks to be made from the same blueprint of those in recent years. This befuddling mash up of top tier talent with subpar results has already got the Cowboys brass searching for a silver lining in their disappointing start to the season. But, when your team scores 48 points and loses, a silver lining might be the only thing keeping you from choking yourself – off the field.


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