Julio Jones' Likely Season-Ending Injury Dooms Atlanta Falcons, Tony Gonzalez

When it rains in the A-T-L, it pours. Not only did the Atlanta Falcons lose to the woeful New York Jets on Monday Night Football to fall to 1-4 on the season, but the team got news on Tuesday that superstar receiver Julio Jones is likely out for the year with a foot injury. Put simply, the Dirty Birds are doomed.

However, as bad as things are in Atlanta, your heart just has to go out to Tony Gonzalez. The man is a living legend, has only won playoff win in his Hall of Fame career and is hard not to like, yet he came back for one last hurrah with the Falcons to try and win a Super Bowl and now look what happened. His team has hit the panic stage and now its top weapon is done.

And that doesn’t include the injuries to Roddy White and Steven Jackson, which have certainly played prominent roles in the Falcons’ awful start. So now the Dirty Birds must suffer through the rest of the season while hoping that Gonzalez doesn’t retire before it’s over.


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