Rob Gronkowski Expected to Play in Week 6; Patriots Shouldn't Get Their Hopes Up

Life seems to be getting back to normal for the New England Patriots after their first loss of the season in Week 5 as superstar tight end Rob Gronkowski is expected to finally make his season debut in Week 6 when the Pats host the undefeated New Orleans Saints. But if you’re a gambler or a New England fan, don’t get your hopes up.

Gronk’s new name should be Darth Vader because he’s had so many surgeries that he’s just as much machine as he is man now with so many plates and screws in his back and forearm. So to expect him to return to his dominating level of play this season — or ever again — is foolish.

Look, having Gronkowski on the field won’t hurt the Patriots because he’ll be a great decoy in the passing game if nothing else, but if you’re expecting New England to beat the high-flying Saints this week because of Gronk, you’ve got another thing coming.


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