New York Yankees End League-Wide Speculation, Sign Joe Girardi To 4-Year Extension

There’s no question that Joe Girardi was the biggest name on the MLB manager free agent market. Well, sort of. Girardi’s deal with the New York Yankees was set to expire at the end of the month and because of that fact, speculation was running rampant across the league for many teams in need of new managers. However, the Yankees had the first crack at re-signing the skipper all along. On Wednesday, they wisely pulled the trigger on a new contract for Girardi.

The Yankees’ skipper now has a new four-year extension in place. The financial terms of the deal are currently unavailable, but you can be assured that it will be on the large side. After all, we’re talking about the Yankees. They knew they were going to have to bust out the check book in a big way to keep Girardi in New York, but there’s no doubt he’s worth every penny.

While this is great news for Yankees’ fans, on the flip side, it’s horrible news for many other teams. The Chicago Cubs immediately come to mind, because many thought if Girardi was going to leave New York, it would be for his home state of Illinois and his former team the Cubs. Those talks can finally be put to rest.

The Yankees are now in good shape for years to come with Girardi on their bench through 2017. Things are currently changing in New York with several veteran members on their way out the door, but you can bet that Girardi will guide this team into a new era as smoothly as one possibly could.


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