Impersonators Making Calls About USC Job is Priceless

In the midst of USC looking for a coach to replace Lane Kiffin, other people, not involved with the school at all, have decided to help out. Apparently, two people have been pretending to be representatives of USC while calling coaches to see if they want the job.

These impostors contacted the Denver Broncos coaching staff and Tony Dungy, who used to coach for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Indianapolis Colts. It seems these fake Trojan officials were biased in who they would hire as the new head coach since they only made these specific calls. But, USC has identified them and the school says it’s taking “appropriate action” to end the jokes.

It’s actually hilarious that it hasn’t even been two weeks and people are so obsessed with filling Kiffin’s shoes that they are willing to take it into their own hands. Of course, it would have been even funnier had one of the contacted candidates actually been interested in the job, which would have resulted in one of the greatest pranks in sports history. The Trojans are not announcing the names of these impostors but USC officials have assured us that they have not yet offered the job to anyone.

USC’s next game is Thursday against Arizona and the team is trying to ignore this drama in order to stay focused on the game. Who knows? Maybe Lane Kiffin himself was the one on the other side of the phone, playing a joke on the officials that let him go in the first place. I mean, would anyone be surprised if that was the case?

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