Atlanta Falcons Should Trade Tony Gonzalez to Super Bowl Contender

At 1-4 and with laundry list of injuries, the Atlanta Falcons season is kaput. However, their only active AARP member and tight end extraordinaire Tony Gonzalez is having one of his best seasons yet; and the Falcons need to do the right thing and ship old Tony off to a contender so he can have one last chance of capturing that Super Bowl title that has eluded his career.

So where would Tony go?

I think the New England Patriots‘ Brady Bunch would be a good fit. With Rob Gronkowski already missing the first five weeks of the season and Aaron Hernandez taking a police imposed sabbatical, Gonzalez’ veteran presence at tight end would be a welcome addition to this young team.

The Green Bay Packers would also be a great landing spot for Gonzalez. Aaron Rogers is still one of the best and the biz, and Tony would surely be an improvement over the stone-handed Jermichael Finley.

And finally, the best landing spot for Gonzalez, also happens to the most sentimental as he could head back to the Kansas City Chiefs in an attempt to finish what he started there back in 1997. With a lack sure handed pass catchers after Dwayne Bowe, Gonzalez would certainly open up the offense for quarterback Alex Smith and give star running back Jamaal Charles plenty of room to work with underneath. Adding Tony to this already 5-0 team, might be just what the doctor ordered to counteract Andy Reid’s (presumably) high blood pressure.


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