Best Fan Reactions In Recent Sports Memory

When your favorite sports team nails home a huge victory, the immediate feeling is elation.

However, sometimes fans take the term celebration to a whole new level and the man behind the camera gets the last laugh. For example, when the Chicago Cubs went to the 2003 MLB Playoffs, I was more than elated. The difference between myself and these crazy folks in the video is that I was nine years old at the time and YouTube had not yet been invented.

Thankfully, camera-phones have allowed for sports fans across the globe to embarrass themselves at a rapid pace. The funny part — aside from the reaction — is that these same knuckleheads have gotten millions of views on random websites and are now sitting pretty with an increase in revenue. Heck, I’ll act like a complete fool for a nice paycheck!

Enjoy these wild fans and their strange celebrations. Check out our other awesome mashup videos by clicking HERE.


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