Danny Amendola, Rob Gronkowski Becoming Bad Guys for New England Patriots

I won’t make any jokes about Danny Amendola getting hurt again because at this point, it’s not funny. The guy just can’t stay on the field and his latest injury should be a turning point for the New England Patriots, who need a replacement for Wes Welker who can actually play — literally. On the same note, Rob Gronkowski is also becoming a bad guy in New England and things are about to get ugly.

So Amendola is out again and there’s no telling how much time he might miss this time with a head injury, so now the Patriots really need to start looking for another option for their primary pass-catcher. Meanwhile, Welker is sitting pretty with the Denver Broncos and probably laughing hysterically at the Pats now because they look like buffoons.

And what the heck is going on with Gronk? Players are now directly asking him whether or not he wants to play and he’s being accused of sitting out for no reason at this point. New England may be fresh off a surprise win over the Saints, but the Patriots won’t be able to win games like that in the playoffs without some weapons on offense, so things are about to get ugly in New England.


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