Fantasy Football Players to Drop Heading Into Week 7

Hey there, my fellow fantasy football enthusiasts! Here are your top five players to drop heading in to Week 7!

If you haven’t already dropped Tavon Austin, then check your back pocket because your wallet might already be gone. He’s been squatting in a roster spot on my team all season until now; so much promise, but he’s got to go.

Ted Ginn Jr.‘s quarterback, Cam Newton, has too many Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde games to give you any consistency at the receiving position. That, combined with the fact that Ginn’s measurables are super sexy on paper – but never translate on the field – make him a mirage of the fantasy world. Don’t go towards it, it’s not real!

The Pittsburgh Steelers have no identity right now and rookie Andre Ellington is beginning to pigeon-hawk carries away from Rashard Mendenhall. With a quarterback and offensive coordinator who love to air the ball around, expect to see Mendenhall’s touches suffer.

If you were still holding on to Matt Schaub, then you must be a relative, because his time as a starting quarterback is disappearing faster than his hairline. Schaub’s confidence is gone, and his job is soon to follow. He got destroyed at home by the St. Louis Rams! Get rid of him!

Dalls Clark is a dinosaur. Have you seen him trudge around the field recently? Dallas had a great career back in Indy, but he’s merely a fossilized version of his former self. Clark’s diminished skill set leaves him unlikely to get past museum security, let alone a NFL secondary. He should immediately be extinct from all rosters.


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