Best Cheerleader Fails

For whatever reason, humans like laughing at other humans who fall flat on their faces…or their butts…or any other body part that isn’t pleasant to strike, for that matter. That’s especially true when said humans (the ones that are falling) are attractive young women in tiny amounts of clothing. Hence, falling cheerleaders are perfect! And because the cheerleaders aren’t supposed to fall while attempting the acrobatic feats that make them famous, we call them cheerleaders fails.

Now there are many kinds of cheerleader fails: a group of cheerleaders dropping one flying through the air (this is especially funny when the group is male cheerleaders and the flying one is female); one cheerleader attempting a backflip and falling on her face…or butt; one cheerleader jumping into the air and kicking another in the face; and the list goes on and on.

So we did all the work for you. We found all of the best cheerleader fail videos and put them into this compilation for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy! And you’re welcome.

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