Jim Irsay's Classless, Ignorant Shot at Peyton Manning Will End Badly for Colts

Man, Jim Irsay is on a roll these days! Unprompted, the Indianapolis Colts‘ colorful owner randomly defended his decision to trade in Peyton Manning for Andrew Luck on Tuesday and then went on to take a shot at No. 18 for only delivering one Super Bowl win during his tenure in Indianapolis. Irsay even said inadvertently that Tom Brady is better than Manning! Them’s fightin’ words.

Irsay has got to be the most ignorant and classless owner in the NFL, with the exception of Jerry Jones. He accused Manning of being a stats quarterback and said his team is now taking a “different approach” with Andrew Luck to produce more Super Bowls. Did this dude hit his head?

If it weren’t for Manning, the Colts would have been awful throughout the entire first decade of the 21st century. They wouldn’t be the winningest team in that span — they’d be dead last. Did Irsay not see how his Super Bowl-caliber team fared without Manning in 2011? Maybe he should look in the mirror.

During Manning’s 13 healthy seasons in Indy, the Colts had a defense that ranked in the bottom half of the league nine times. Nine. If that’s not enough, the Colts’ running game ranked in the bottom half of the league 12 of those 13 years. In other words, Manning had no help whatsoever on either side of the ball. So while Irsay is over there pouring gas on the fire, Manning is getting ready to break more records this week against his former team. Needless to say, Irsay is going to regret taking this moronic shot at No. 18.


Jim Irsay Puts Twist in Peyton Manning-Andrew Luck Saga