Bike Fails Video Compilation Will Leave You ROFL

Nothing makes us laugh harder than a somewhat adult version of Funniest Home Videos. Specifically, it’s really funny when bicyclers and other X-Games wannabes try to do professional tricks on their bikes and end up falling on their faces…or butts…or other uncomfortable parts of their bodies.

Fortunately, there are a ton of these types of videos on the web for us to ROFL all day. And what’s really awesome is they usually start with some wack dude trying to do this narrator/announcer-type intro and it just ends up sounding lame or the guy actually on the bike fronting like he’s all that and winking at the camera and such. It always just makes the fail that much funnier when the guy who gets his face crushed is disliked.

We’ve got news for you: we have compiled all of said funny videos into one awesomely hilarious compilation for your viewing pleasure. So enjoy! And you’re welcome.

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