iPhone 5S Slow-Mo Feature Video Compilation is Epic

Who doesn’t love iPhone videos? They’re basically the greatest thing you can do on a smartphone besides tweet at hot celebrities, which is something our very own Dan Parzych does on a daily basis. Unfortunately, Dan doesn’t do a lot of iPhone videos, but we’ve found plenty of others!

Specifically, the new slow-mo feature on the iPhone 5S is beyond epic and everyone else must think so too because there are a ton of these videos online already showing off the device’s awesome new feature. Fortunately for us, many of these videos are actually pretty cool and have been posted in decent quality. That means an even more awesome viewing experience for the trendy iPhone 5S users who have already mastered the new slow-mo feature.

So now comes the fun part. You get to watch the video above, which is an epic compilation of the best iPhone 5S videos that were done entirely or partially with the new slow-mo feature. The ones that move in and out of slow motion are the best, at least to us. Check it out and see what you think!

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