Carmelo Anthony is an Ungrateful Coward, Needs to Stop Talking About 2014 Free Agency

The NBA is almost unwatchable these days. If it weren’t for the San Antonio Spurs, the entire league would be completely and totally corrupt and cowardly. Carmelo Anthony has always been the epitome of both, but now he’s crossed the line. The selfish, overrated New York Knicks star has already said he’s going to opt out of the final year of his contract and enter free agency in 2014. There’s just one problem: he has an entire season with the Knicks to play in between now and then.

New York coach Mike Woodson has every reason to be upset at this point because while Melo is only worried about himself, he’s affecting everyone else in the organization by looking over this season. Woodson’s job is on the line and there are a slew of other players whose futures ride on the Knicks’ success this season, which hinges heavily on Anthony’s performance.

So someone needs to tell this kid to grow up. Heck, he’s not even a kid anymore. He’s almost 30! In other words, he’s too old to be refusing to come out of the game, demanding a trade and giving up on his team before the season starts. Guess what, Melo — this is real life. You can’t just blame someone else and run every time something doesn’t go perfectly. You’re an overrated, selfish punk who obviously wasn’t taught how to act right and you’ll pay for that when you’re playing for yet another pretender team this time next year.


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