Vikings, Giants Embarrass Themselves; NFL Remains As Unpredictable As Ever

If you were to try and convince a friend who doesn’t care for the NFL that football was the best sport on the planet then you should never and I repeat never let them watch a replay of the Minnesota Vikings versus New York Giants game on Monday night. Not only was this match-up an absolute snorefest — it also featured two teams with a combined record of 1-10 on the season.

For those of you scoring at home; the Vikings’ lone win came against the Pittsburgh Steelers…in London. So, the Giants and Vikings had zero wins in North America after six weeks, yet the “battle of bad” still made it’s way to national television? I’ll explain.

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The reason this game was on a Monday night was because both the Giants and Vikings made the postseason last year. This means that in one calendar year Minnesota and New York have both gone from riches to rags. The NFL is totally unpredictable and it’s becoming more and more clearer that football franchises have a very small window when it comes to winning. And that’s why Lombardi Trophies are so highly revered.

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