Bullying Case in Aledo's 91-0 Win is Absurd, Signifies Downfall of America

The world will end soon and as bad as I hate to say it, it’s because of something that happened in Texas — something that should never happen anywhere, but especially in the Lone Star State, where high school football is so sacred. If you’ve never heard of Aledo High School, you will eventually. The school has a rich history of success in football and produced current Texas Longhorns running back Jonathan Gray, who is statistically the greatest high school football player in the history of America. But Aledo’s latest win came with a cost.

The Bearcats have scored at least 77 points in four of their seven wins this season, but 91 was the most in a win over Western Hills High School, a weaker 4A team from Fort Worth. After the game, a parent from Western Hills filed a bullying report against Aledo head coach Tim Buchanan. Like I said, the world will end soon.

First of all, Aledo didn’t play its starters after the first 21 snaps of the game. Second- and third-string players continued to score on one-play drives after Buchanan and his staff tried to not score throughout the entire second half. The only other thing they could have done was hand the ball to the Western Hills players, which would have been more insulting than playing the backups with a running clock. Yet this sorry excuse for a mother filed a bullying report….for a football game.

Lady, this ain’t girl scouts! This is football! You win or you lose. There are no participation ribbons, especially in Texas! This philosophy is crippling our country and you are part of the problem, ma’am. If your son can’t handle losing, it’s probably best he never goes to school again and certainly never enters the workforce. It’s time to grow up because sometimes you get blown out. Doing something to get better is the only option, not literally accuse the other kids of “playing too hard.” You disgust me.


Texas High School Football Coach Accused of Bullying is Bizarrely Ridiculous